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The best snoring remedy 2018. National Research Institute Reward 'Nation Medic'
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Night Comfort

Anti-snoring spray with menthol

One push - and no snoring!
  • eliminates snoring
  • improves sleep
  • acts throughout the night
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Every third person in the world snores during sleep


If you think that you don't snore, that doesn't mean there is no problem.

Snoring causes oxygen deprivation.

It can become the reason of problems with health.

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Night Comfort removes the reason of snoring

Why do we snore?

During sleep, soft tissues of the pharynx relax. Respiratory tract narrows. The air passes through with difficulty, making pharyngeal walls vibrate.
Vietnamese is the most snoring nation in the world. The structure of the palate is genetically soft and long. It provokes snoring.

Night Comfort keep the pharynx muscles toned

Caring nature for a sound sleep

Linum root extract
Moisturizes mucosa of throat and nasal cavity
Licorice extract
Removes phlegm and prevents its appearance
Althaea root extract
Keep pharynx tissues toned, preventing vibration

Night Comfort acts from the first using


Healthy sleep for everyone

Night Comfort brings relief thanks to its natural composition. If you don't notice the beneficial effect after the first using, most probably, this implies the presence of organic pathologies in nasal cavity. But it happens in 1 out of 100 cases. If you snore - Night Comfort will most likely solve your problem.

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Feedback from customers

My husband has been snoring for more than 5 years. I couldn't make him lose weight, and other methods turned out useless. Finally it's all over and I can have a good night's rest!
Patricia Boyd, 41
I started snoring after climax. I'm so ashamed! And it's bad for health. That's why I bought Night Comfort. I like it.
Madlyn Carr, 60
My wife was on the brink of leaving me because I snored!I thought she didn't mean it until she packed her things. She said it was impossible to live with me. She bought Night Comfort, now she's pleased.
Patrick Malone, 34
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Night Comfort

Anti-snoring spray

  • removes snoring
  • improves sleep
  • acts throughout the night

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Old price: 3198 ₱
New price: 1599 ₱